Below you'll find the ALLG's latest news announcements.

May Scientific Meeting Highlights May 2017
The ALLG held its most recent biannual Scientific Meeting in May 2017. ALLG Scientific Meetings are internal working events, which review regularly the group's trial portfolio. Among the many highlights were the three international speakers. more ...
Submission to the 2017 Senate Inquiry: Funding for Research into Cancers with
Low Survival Rates
Apr 2017
The ALLG welcomes the government initiative to establish a select committee to be known as the Select Committee into Funding for Research into Cancers with Low Survival Rates to inquire and report on the impact of health research funding models on the availability of funding for research into cancers with low survival rates.

The ALLG, along with 120 other organisations and individuals, submitted to the Senate Inquiry. The committee will review and consider the submissions, with a view to issue a report by 28 November 2017. Information on the inquiry and submissions received by the committee are available on the inquiry website here.

ALLG's submission can be accessed here.
Research and Clinical Care Priorities Mar 2017
On the 16 November 2016 the ALLG participated in a summit with 14 fellow blood cancer research and not for profit organisations to explore areas of potential future collaboration. more ...
National Blood Cancer Registry (NBCR) Feb 2017
The NBCR began in 2012 as an AML registry under the leadership of Associate Professor Andrew Wei. It has since grown to encompass additional types of blood cancers and has been renamed the National Blood Cancer Registry (NBCR). more ...
Life Members Jan 2017
The ALLG currently has three life members. At the October 2016 Scientific Meeting, three more people were awarded life membership in recognition of their major contribution to the ALLG. more ...