Life Members

The ALLG constitution provides for awarding Life Membership to people who, in the Board's opinion, have made a sustained and significant contribution to the objects of the ALLG. Generally speaking, life membership is considered appropriate for people who are retired or nearing retirement and have contributed in a highly regarded, consistent and reliable manner to the ALLG activities.

The ALLG currently has three life members. At the October 2016 Scientific Meeting, three more people were awarded life membership in recognition of their major contribution to the ALLG.

  • Ken Bradstock

    Prof Ken BradstockProf Ken Bradstock has made an enormous contribution to the ALLG for over 30 years. Ken has had a lifelong association with the ALLG and its predecessor the Australian Leukaemia Study Group (ALSG). He was responsible for transitioning the ALSG into the ALLG and was the ALLG's inaugural chairman from 1999 to 2003. Together with a number of key clinicians from multiple Australian states, he established and administered the ALLG, developed and ran key studies and recruited many patients through his personal efforts as a haematologist at Westmead Hospital.

    In the 1990s Ken was the prime mover in a series of trials examining treatment of AML and these culminated in multiple high quality publications under the ALSG and ALLG banners that raised the profile of the organisations internationally. During the latter part of his career he concentrated on trials examining strategies for treatment in ALL, bringing to the group his expertise in clinical trial design, patient care and flow cytometry. His long, dedicated, high level and highly productive associations with the group make him a worthy candidate for life membership.

  • Devinder Gill

    A/Prof Devinder GillA/Prof Devinder Gill displays many of the best qualities that the ALLG seeks from its members. He is a fierce advocate of investigator initiated research, a keen mentor of young researchers, generous with his time and a national leader in his areas of research. Devinder has occupied executive positions in the ALLG being Chair of the High Grade Lymphoma Disease Group and a member of the ALLG Executive. Devinder is Principal Investigator (PI) for the NHL13 CORAL study, NHL10 MINT study and NHL19 MINT follow-up study and has been site PI for numerous ALLG studies.

    He is highly respected by his peers in Brisbane and Australia-wide, both for his depth of haematological knowledge and experience, and his approachable style. Devinder has fostered the development of new researchers and broadened horizons of experienced researchers through his roles as founding co-chair of the New Direction in Leukaemia Research international conference and a founding member of the CLL Australian Research Consortium. His contribution to both the ALLG and the Australian Haematology community has been invaluable.

  • Doug Joshua AO

    Prof Doug JoshuaProf Doug Joshua is a well-respected haematologist who has contributed significantly to blood cancer research within Australia and to the ALLG, in the chairing of both national clinical and myeloma-specific trials. Whilst active in many fields of blood cancer research, his major life-long interest has been in myeloma and related disorders. He established the Myeloma Research Unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, which has contributed significantly to both laboratory and clinical research.

    Doug was president of the 10th International Myeloma Workshop held in Sydney. His Haematology group has been responsible for seminal correlative studies for ALLG myeloma trials, publications from which have contributed significantly to the literature and are heavily cited. He has an international profile, and has made great strides in fostering interactions between local and international myeloma groups. Doug Joshua was recently awarded "Officer of the Order of Australia" for his contributions to haematology and medicine.