Currently, the ALLG has over 400 Members, including haematologists, medical oncologists, pathologists and scientists, located at more than 85 institutions in all states of Australia and all large cities of New Zealand.

The group also has more than 280 Associate Members, including data managers and research nurses, who participate in the clinical trials conducted by the ALLG.

The ALLG benefits from the commitment and expertise of its members in the medical and scientific communities.

Full Membership

Full membership of the ALLG is open to individuals who possess the qualifications and experience necessary to be a site or ALLG trial/study investigator and support the aims of the group. New Members must be personally recommended by two existing full ALLG Members who must be named as nominating members on the application form. Full Members may choose that their membership be for a term of one, three or five years at a time.

Full Member Application Form [DOWNLOAD PDF]

  • Access to a national and international network of healthcare professionals dedicated to improving outcomes for blood cancer, including industry affiliates and patient/consumer representatives.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the scientific and strategic development of the ALLG through its Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and various Disease Group Committees (DGCs).
  • Support for the development of new investigator-initiated studies.
    -- Participate in clinical trials run by the ALLG.
    -- Propose concepts for new clinical trials.
    -- Participate in protocol design of clinical trials.
  • Invitation to attend biannual ALLG Scientific Meetings. The meetings provide an opportunity for clinicians to discuss new trial concepts, collaborate, share ideas, review local and international studies, present updates of current, open to accrual studies, and present published data. The latest clinical data provided as part of the background to the various trials is always a highlight.
  • Invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and voting rights at AGM.
  • Access to ALLG-funded specialised training and education opportunities.
  • Access to workshops, seminars and meetings organised by the ALLG.
  • Notification of upcoming national and international research grants (ALLG office will provide assistance in identifying funding for specific projects).
  • Access to ALLG resources and advice:
    -- Assistance with concept or protocol development and health economic components;
    -- Biostatistical advice on trial design and analysis;
    -- Assistance with registering cancer clinical trials on the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ACTRN).
  • Regular newsletters and latest sector news updates.
  • Mentoring and support of young investigators across all our research activities.
    -- Young investigators have the opportunity to participate in the various committees and subcommittees of ALLG to set the research agenda and strategies.
    -- New ideas can be developed into fully operational clinical trials, with the ability to add value through Correlative and Translational Research or in Quality of Life and Health Economics endpoints.
    -- Protocol development is undertaken with the support of established mentors.
We are always looking to support future leaders. Your involvement could lead to role as a trial Principal Investigator (PI), chairing a subcommittee, working in a trial group or offering leadership as part of the SAC. There are many opportunities.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to individuals such as data managers, research nurses and trial coordinators who have an affiliation with the ALLG by virtue of their position of employment. The person must participate in a Study under the supervision of a Principal Investigator (PI). An Associate Member does not pay a membership fee, as such does not have Membership voting rights, and cannot be a PI of a clinical trial. An associate member is able to attend and participate in relevant ALLG meetings, receive notice of General Meetings, access relevant education and training opportunities.

Associate Member Application Form [DOWNLOAD PDF]

Community Membership

Community membership is available to anyone who may be interested in the activities of the ALLG and would like to maintain an active intellectual interest in the group. It is hoped that a wide range of people will take advantage of this new way of being involved with the group and supporting its work. They may include:

  • Members upon retirement when they cease to be full members
  • Patients and their friends and family
  • People in the community who have been affected by a blood cancer
  • Members of consumer groups and patient advocates
  • Members of the public who wish to support research into blood cancers

Community Member Application Form [DOWNLOAD PDF]