Access to Samples

The ALLG Biobank provides researchers with access to a greater collection of tissue samples and facilitates collaboration by research groups to conduct future research.

Samples stored at the Hunter Cancer Biobank (HCB) are collected from patients all around Australia, who have been diagnosed with a haematological malignancy. Participants have consented for their sample and data to be collected and used in future ethically approved research projects.

Requested samples can be sourced from the current banked samples. For request of samples and data:

  • Step One: Contact the ALLG Biobank Coordinator Naomi Sprigg at or on +61 3 8373 9709 to determine if the ALLG Biobank can provide you with your research needs.
  • Step Two: Submit an Application
    You will be required to complete and submit the following form.
Application Form for Biospecimens from the Biobank [DOWNLOAD PDF]